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  1. Admission Application Lodgement

  2. Receive offer letter from education provider

  3. Accept the offer letter and pay the initial admission fee. Note: Full tuition fees are not required upfront for the Australian student visa application. A portion of the full course fee is payable for admission, refundable as per the school’s refund policy in case of visa refusal.

  4. Receive the Confirmation of Enrolment (COE) from the education provider. 

Admission Checklist:

  1. Admission forms.

  2. Passport copy

  3. Academic transcripts and certificates 

  4. IELTS/PTE report

  5. Resume

  6. Birth certificate 

  7. GTE statements/SOP 

  8. Financial evidences (Higher Education Sector)

  9. Any relevant work experience letter 


As part of the student visa application process, applicants must submit a Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) statement and supporting documents. This demonstrates their intent to stay in Australia temporarily and return home after studies, ensuring the integrity of the Australian student visa program and upholding Australia's reputation as a destination for genuine international students.

One of the relevant laws pertaining to the Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) requirement for Australian student visas is the Migration Regulations 1994, specifically Regulation 500.211.

GTE Supporting Documents:

  • Funds

  • Assets & Properties

  • Job Evidence

  • Future Job Prospects

  • Family Ties

  • Other Financial Ties


There are two types of English language requirements to consider:

  1. Admission English Requirement: This varies depending on the entry requirements of the course and the specific requirements of the education provider.

  2. Visa English Requirements: student visa have it's own English language requirements.

IELTS or PTE test reports are commonly provided by students to fulfill these requirements.

Consult with us to determine the score requirements for both admission and visa applications, ensuring that you meet all necessary criteria.


This requirement may not apply to all applicants; however, we recommend providing this document to strengthen your visa application.

You must demonstrate sufficient funds for your study and stay in Australia. These funds can be held in your bank account or in a family member’s bank account, either in your home country or in Australia.

Calculation of fund required for financial evidence (For Single Application)


1st year tuition fees  +  Living cost + Travel Cost


The calculation of funds for 12 months is based on the following living cost amounts:

  • Student/Guardian: AUD 24,505

  • Partner/Spouse: AUD 8,574

  • Child: AUD 3,670

Plus +

1st year's tuition fee equivalence


Plus +

Travel cost $1000 - $2000 AUD depends on your country of origin.  


  • It's essential to demonstrate access to the funds while residing in Australia.

  • Supporting documents such as bank statements and student loan documents can be utilized to prove the balance.

  • When funds are provided by another individual, evidence of the relationship and any prior history of financial support should be presented.

  • Any significant recent deposits need to be explained.

Financial Evidence: (Recommended)

Health Insurance (MENDATORY)

We will suggest, quote, and assist you in purchasing OSHC. You and your accompanying family members must have and maintain adequate health insurance for the entirety of your stay in Australia. We provide free assistance in choosing and purchasing the appropriate OSHC cover for your student visa.

OSHC is refundable according to the insurance provider’s refund policy in the event of a visa refusal.


Your visa application will be prepared and lodged by our team of visa experts, registered migration agents, or migration lawyers, depending on the service package you choose.


After lodging your visa application, you will need to undergo a health examination at nominated visa medical test centers. We will guide you through the process.


  • Do I have to pay full course fee to get the admission?
    No, you only need to pay a portion of the tuition fees to secure admission (COE)
  • Do you charge fees for processing admission and insurance file?
    No, our admission and insurance file processing services are free of charge.
  • What do I have to do to lodge student visa?
    We will provide a document checklist and guide you through the preparation of supporting documents. We will assist you with admission, arranging Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC), and obtaining your student visa.
  • Do I need to provide all the above-mentioned documents?
    You may not need to provide all the above-mentioned documents. Document requirements vary from education provider to education provider and also depend on the student’s country of passport and visa assessment level.
  • How much is the government fee/immigration fee for student visa application?
    The visa fee for a single applicant is $720*. You can conveniently pay the visa fee directly to the Department of Home Affairs through us.
  • What is the refund procedure if my student visa is refused?
    You will receive a refund for pre-paid tuition fees and insurance fees according to the refund policy of the education and insurance provider.
  • Do I directly pay the tuition fees to education provider?
    Yes, we do not collect any tuition fees directly from students.
  • If I choose to engage a migration agent or lawyer to lodge my student visa application, what would be the associated fees?
    $550 = Migration Agent OR $1375 = Immigration Lawyer
  • Do you assist with GTE statement preparation?
    Yes, our expert team members will assist with the preparation of a Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) statement, ensuring it aligns with Ministerial Direction 69.
  • What course can i study?
    We offer a diverse range of courses from various providers. Our expert consultants can assist you in selecting the course that best matches your interests, budget, and previous academic and work experience.
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