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  USUALLY known as budget courses  

Business courses are considered as low fee diploma courses and starting from $1500 per term depending on courses you choose.Please note that course fees may vary between onshore and offshore programs. However, if you're seeking budget-friendly or lower-cost options, we're here to recommend suitable courses. 



1 – 2.5 Years.



4 terms in 1 Year.


Term Fee

Business management  diploma courses are starting from $1500 per term.


Fee Range

$1500 - $2000 per term.

TOP 10 Budget Course Packages

Top 10 Cheap Course Package

Top 10 Low cost Course Package

  1. Diploma in Project Management + Advanced Diploma in Program Management 

  2. Diploma + Advanced Diploma in Leadership & Management

  3. Diploma + Advanced Diploma in Marketing

  4. Diploma of Logistics + Advanced Diploma in Supply Chain Management 

  5. Diploma + Advanced Diploma of Information Technology

  6. Diploma + Advanced Diploma in Hospitality Management 

  7. Diploma + Advanced Diploma in Travel & Tourism 

  8. Diploma + Advanced Diploma of Event Management 

  9. Graduate Diploma of Strategic Leadership 

  10. Graduate Diploma in Management (Learning)

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