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The NAATI CCL (Credentialed Community Language) Test is an essential requirement for candidates seeking to lodge a point-based PR visa application in Australia. The test assesses the candidate's ability to convey the meaning of a conversation between two native speakers from English into a language other than English and vice versa.

The NAATI CCL Test is designed to evaluate the candidate's language proficiency and communication skills in a community setting. The test is conducted in various languages, including Arabic, Mandarin, Hindi, Urdu, and many others.

With successful completion of the NAATI CCL Test, candidates can earn five additional points towards their point-based PR visa application. It is a valuable investment for anyone seeking to enhance their career prospects in Australia.

Advantage of NAATI CCL:

  • Individuals who pass the NAATI CCL test can claim 5 points for their point-based PR visa application.

  • NAATI CCL is available for any student and open throughout the year.

  • Students do not need to wait until their graduation from the University to appear in this test.

It is highly recommended that, students should start their preparation as early as possible to stand out in the crowd.


Popular NAATI languages: 

  • ​Bangla

  • Urdu

  • Hindi

  • Punjabi

  • Nepali

  • Tamil

  • Vietnamese

  • Tagalog

  • Mandarin

Ideal Education Global is not a NAATI course provider. However, we can assist you with your enrolment and provide guidance on preparing for the NAATI CCL Test. Our experienced consultants can offer valuable insights into the registration process and help you choose the right course provider based on your needs and preferences. We strive to provide accurate and up-to-date information, but we do not endorse or guarantee any specific NAATI course provider.


Pearson Test of English Academic

PTE Academic is a popular computer-based English language test that is designed for non-native English speakers who wish to study abroad or migrate. The test session lasts for three hours and includes three main parts - speaking and writing (together), listening and reading. With twenty different question formats, the test covers a range of skills and abilities, from multiple choice through to essay writing and interpreting information.

Why choose PTE Academic?​

  • There are several reasons why PTE Academic is a popular choice among test-takers:

  • No personal bias: Since it is online and computer-based, there is no personal bias in Speaking and Writing modules.

  • Easy registration: Booking and registering for an exam is hassle-free and can be done online.

  • Fast results: Scores are available within 24 hours to 5 business days, making it a quick and convenient option.

  • Granular score scale: The score scale ranges from 10 to 90, which means that the scores are more consistent and accurate than other exams.

  • Accepted for visas: PTE Academic is accepted by various immigration departments and visa programs around the world.

  • Fair and Secure: The test is conducted in a fair and secure environment, ensuring that the results are reliable.

  • Accepted by education providers: PTE Academic is widely accepted by universities and other educational institutions around the world.

  • Real-life language: The test is designed to replicate real-life language situations, making it a practical and relevant measure of English language proficiency.

  • Flexible test: The test is available throughout the year and at multiple test centers around the world.

  • Accepted by professional associations: PTE Academic is recognized and accepted by a range of professional associations in different countries.


Ideal Education Global is not a PTE course provider, but we can assist you with the process of enrolling in a PTE course. Our experienced consultants can guide you through the registration and booking process and provide you with useful information about the PTE exam. However, we do not provide PTE preparation courses or materials.

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