Australia has the third highest number of international students in the world behind only the United Kingdom and the United States despite having a population of only 23 million. Australia has seven of the top 100 universities in the world!

Do you have a specific study area of interest? There is every chance Australia has you covered, with at least one Australian university in the top 50 worldwide across the study areas of Natural Sciences & Mathematics, Life & Agricultural Sciences, Clinical Medicine & Pharmacy, and Physics.

Given this impressive education pedigree, it’s not surprising there are now more than 2.5 million former international students who have gone on to make a difference after studying in Australia. Some of these students are among the world’s finest minds. In fact, Australia has produced 15 Nobel prize laureates and every day over 1 billion people around the world rely on Australian discoveries and innovations – including penicillin, IVF, ultrasound, Wi-Fi, the Bionic Ear, cervical cancer vaccine and Black Box Flight Recorders – to make their lives, and the lives of others, better.

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Top 10 reasons to study in Australia

  • World class educational institutions and study options

  • Global recognition

  • Great Weather

  • Australia is culturally diverse

  • Beautiful country with plenty to see and do

  • Multicultural food

  • Work opportunities

  • Earn and learn

  • Global network development

  • The most livable cities of the world



Ideal Education Group Hobart is committed to promote Tasmanian international education sector globally.

Tasmania’s education sector has a long history of excellence and high-quality teaching across all levels of study – including University, secondary education, vocational training and English language programs. By choosing Tasmania, you will be offered an exceptional range of study options at world-class educational institutions, extraordinary preparatory and pathway programs and scholarship opportunities. Studying in Tasmania will allow you to unlock your full potential for the future.

Filled with breathtaking landscapes, a laid-back island lifestyle and cultural hotspots, Tasmania is a place that the entire world is talking about. Studying in Tasmania will provide you with the unique opportunity to gain an education in modern and vibrant place to live where adventures lie at your doorstep.

Studying in Tasmania doesn’t just end when you gain a degree; unique industry partnerships between the Tasmanian government, local businesses and education providers increase opportunities to gain valuable hands-on employment experience as well as access to some of the world’s leading research facilities.

10 Reasons to study in Tasmania
  • Home to safe & Welcoming communities
  • An affordable study destination
  • Vibrant lifestyles and cultures
  • A place of beautiful landscapes & pristine wilderness 
  • World class facilities,teachers and education
  • Get results – Tasmania has higher levels of employment and salary after Graduation than the national average.
  • Breathe the cleanest air in the world.
  • Choose from multiple prestigious research institutes in the fields of Healthcare, Medicine, Maritime science and more.
  • Lowest cost of living of any Australian state
  • With a cost of living 30% cheaper than Sydney or Melbourne, you will be able/have more money to live the lifestyle you want